SHAPE Training was founded and developed by professional athletes and personal trainers. In 2013 SHAPE began as an in-home training brand in Pittsburgh, PA.

SHAPE Training offered in-home training and free park bootcamps until late 2014 when we opened our first 3000sq studio location.

Since then the brand has grown to full membership, personal coaching and small group training in 12000+ sqft facilities.


Physical Strength

We value improvement in this area above all, because to build strength requires a grittiness and discipline that conquers all.


We value the commitment it takes to the very best your skillset allows in every situation inside and outside of the gym.

At SHAPE Training our goal is to provide every athlete with the opportunity to practice ‘what it takes’ in every moment inside our doors.


Special Group

We know that not everyone will take the challenge, although we offer it to all. Those who do, operate in an ELITE family.

A group of people who accept challenges and ignore and disrupt common ideas.