THE LIFT is strength class that uses barbell landmines and challenges our clients to train using all 4 Pillars of Movement: Upper Body Push/Pull; Lower Body Level Change; Rotational Core Work; and Locomotion.


The AC, or "Athlete's Cardio" is 75 minutes of conditioning drills that improves motor technique, speed, agility, and power. This class is offered every other month at SHAPE Perform. All skill levels are welcome. High effort = High return.


THE GRIND is a strength class that follows the FITT principle. This means your coach will challenge your proprioceptive environment with skills that vary in intensity, duration, and weight throughout the entirety of the programming. Attend multiple classes each week to maximize your training, and stay on THE GRIND.


THE MOVE is a conditioning class that follows the SAID principle. SAID stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. In short, your body will adapt to movements that it is continually exposed to. This class brings it back to the basics. Crawl, Sprint, Jump, and MOVE through these physically demanding sessions.


THE CORPS is a strength class that follows the OVERLOAD principle. This principle applies to the duration and volume of training. The athletes will have to lift more and and lift longer as the sessions wears on. Your breaks will come in the form of intense military style core work. This is our most physically and mentally challenging class. But leave it to our coaches to get you through it.


THE SYSTEM is a metabolic conditioning class that taps into your body's 3 primary energy systems: Aerobic, Glycolytic, and Phosphogenic. Each class will get your heart racing and blood flowing. Using dynamic training tools like kettlebells and resistance bands to help increase speed, core strength, and quickness. You will find better stamina, balance, and functional strength the more you train.


THE ATM, or "Athletic Training Method" is a strength and conditioning session that incorporates a taste of each class SHAPE Training offers. This is our most bootcamps-like class, with progressive programming to improve overall athletic performance.


SHAPE boxing is taught by the very best coaches. Your coaches are former or current professiional boxers so this is the real thing. Our programming teaches the fundamentals and gives you the best 60 min cardiovascular training in the business. All while hitting 100lb heavy bags and 125lb tear drop aqua bags. You can’t go wrong.